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A world where simplicity merges with innovation, shaping and seeking the essence.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, the desire for more persists, even in a world seamlessly connected by smartphones. Despite the superficial comfort they provide, we often find ourselves in a peculiar emptiness amid constant stimuli.


Fortunately, the movement towards simplicity is growing. Chefs, organizers, and designers advocate for minimalism in lifestyle choices, from decluttering to mindful purchases. Trends like Tiny Houses, zero waste, and the "Capsule Wardrobe" reflect a shift towards a simpler life.

This movement extends beyond lifestyle choices; it reaches into the art world. There is a renewed interest in minimalist movements from the 1960s, as contemporary artists embrace simplicity, reuse, and reduction. 

"Less is more," a mantra introduced in 1855 by Robert Browning in the poem "Andrea del Sarto" (also known as 'The Faultless Painter'), became a guiding principle for architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Mies believed that beauty, value, and message intensify when unnecessary elements are omitted. As he once said, 'God is in the details.'

Dutch Design, a movement that emerged in the 1990s, is characterized by minimalism, experimentation, innovation, and a touch of humor. The term was first introduced in Milan in 1993, where the Dutch design platform Droog made a lasting impression. Since then, Dutch designers have built a reputation for creating minimalist designs that tell engaging stories.

In the "Less is More" expo, a compelling blend of minimalism and Dutch Design unfolds across diverse artistic disciplines. Delve into a world where this fusion extends seamlessly from painting and photography to furniture, sculptures, lighting, and jewelry.

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Lara van der Beek

My ambition as a visual artist is to take the viewer into my experiential world and by doing so show them a new perspective. By doing so, I want to open conversations about the themes of my work, such as mental health and identity.


Merlijn Hooijsma

I want to look at the world as I opened my eyes for the first time. Watching is for me to question things.

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Geke uit de Bosch

Paintings with powerful compositions that radiate peace and sobriety.


MOESK. | Kiki de Groot

Timeless and minimalist handmade designs with graphic influences. A coming together that jewelry designer Kiki finds her happiness in and loves to share with others.



Elke Kunneman

With her work, Elke Kunneman looks for new icons with graphic and monumental power. With her Graphic Sculptures she shows spatial sculptures on the flat surface. Sleek and often large in size. Surprising by simplicity and sometimes alienating to the eye.


Studio Jeroen van Veluw

‘studio jeroen van veluw’ designs and creates simple 
and functional products, exhibitions and interiors. Jeroen is fascinated by the connection between man and  object and how these two can enter into a long and  sustainable relationship

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Bart ensing

Bart Ensing's work stands for simplicity, nature and tranquility. No unnecessary frills, but flowing, natural lines, an invitation to connect with nature, the material and your feelings.


Hans Strijbos | Lartura

For Lartura, minimalism is not an end goal but rather a thoughtful means in the design process.

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