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bart ensing

Bart Ensing makes art with and in nature. As sculptor he works mainly with natural, unprocessed wood.

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"He makes people look at nature differently, and hopes to make you watch, feel and marvel."

Relation to the Expo

Bart's sculptures are created intuitively, derive their expressiveness from organic processing, without superfluous details.

About my work

Bart Ensing's work stands for simplicity, nature and tranquility. No unnecessary frills, but flowing, natural lines, an invitation to connect with nature, the material and your feelings.

He does this with his installations, mostly outdoors, and with his sculptures or smaller installations indoors. Soothing, positive and sensitive.

About me

Bart Ensing has no background in art, but has gradually become involved. He creates intuitively, experiments and has developed his own style. He usually doesn't have a message, but he does manage to convey a feeling.

Take a look at my work

Every piece has been made with care and passion. If you would like to know more about my work or even better you would like to buy the item, you can do so through the webshop.

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