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About d.&a

The adventurousness, stubbornness and thoughtfulness of Dutch Design is reflected in the total experience of everything we do. d.&a (Design & ARTemis) is the DNA of our hotel! From your plate to your pillow, to the meeting package you can find "the Art of Dutch Design". The Dutch Design Hotel Artemis breathes and buzzes "Dutch Design". From every geometric corner of our hotel you will experience the influence and quirky-ness of Dutch architects, designers and artists. It is the location where hospitality and

Dutch Design meet and reinforces each other.

The d.&a Platform was set up to connect different worlds and groups to meet and inspire each other! We are the location where hospitality and Dutch Design connect. The platform consists of five parts; 

• d.&a Exhibition• d.&a Connected • d.&a Learning • d.&a LIVE! • d.&a Shop


d.&a Exhibition

A new thematic exhibition is organized every four months. It shows work by renowned Dutch artists and designers, as well as promising new talent. The Dutch Design Hotel ARTemis (DDHA) takes care of the entire exposure and organization to make the exhibitions possible. Thanks in part to years of experience and professionalization, d.&a platform has managed to put a very interesting and high-end exhibition location on the map.

d.&a Connecting

"Collaboration is strength!" Collaborating with partners such as galleries, design societies, art platforms, and other networks will increase our reach, make it easier to find the right art & design and will ensure that our brand awareness is increased.

d.&a expositie
d.&a Connecting

d.&a Learning

By offering a platform for students / recent graduates it is possible to be innovative in various areas such as film, graphic design, design & art, food design, hotel design. Our platform works together with various training institutes for this

d.&a learnig

d.&a LIVE!

We want to bring the guest in contact with the design process as well as offer the artist and a platform to showcase their expertise. We offer artists a workspace in exchange for "live stream" or see-through glass, range of workshops or a presentations about the design process. Live images via video are also shown from various places, both online and offline.

d.&a Live!

d.&a Shop

Art doesn't just belong in a museum. We encourage exhibitors to also offer the items on display for sale. Not only at our hotel, but also through our webshop. With this platform we give the possibility that artists can continue their work in the future. Are you curious about which items are for sale, take a look in our shop.

d.&a Shop
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