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Over the years we are proud to have hosted so many beautiful, unique and bold d.&a expo's. Every opening was a treat with its own theme and talented artists. Check out our d.&a expo's from the past!


Снимок экрана 2024-05-10 в 15.02.33
d.&a Expo  Moments of Transformation  10 jun - 30 sept
Expo Open Up
Zoom In
Expo Euphorea l 7 oct 2020 - 7 april 2021
Expo Aarde l 8 apr - 7 okt 2021
d.&a Expo 20.2 | Spotlight 15
d.&a Expo 20.1 | No Time To Waste
d.&a Expo 19.3 Fire
Cover Water 18.1
Culture Cult front
ART_17.3_FRONT-_FRONT- (1)
Cover Mondriaan 17.2
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