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Wilfert Verweij

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Wilfert Verweij started his career creating spectacular gardens with balanced shapes, colors and materials fitting perfectly in the natural living environment. 

At the age of 33, Wilfert moved to Florida where he combined his gardening design with creating art. As an artistic constructor, he designed sculptures for private gardens and public municipality places. He worked with various (natural) materials, such as Italian glass, natural stones, and concrete. After 12 years in the United States, Wilfert moved back to the Netherlands where he continued his Artwork. He started to add epoxy to the several materials he uses for his sculptures and designs. Wilfert developed a new mixing technique by which he could combine epoxy with specific materials for his hanging art, tables, bowls and sculptures. His creative development culminated in three-dimensional objects built from epoxy. 


By developing his techniques over the years, a new art form emerged which he named Epoxionism.

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'I dream my art'

Wilfert often wakes up in the middle of the night, full of new ideas, then he directly went to his studio to start making Art.


Several periods followed which gave Wilfert inspiration, such as The Universe, The Flower Period, Ode to the Grand Masters, Elements, Life Moments, Energies of Life, Killerbodies and Animals.

Wilfert Verweij

Energies of Life

Wilfert is full of energy and looks at the positive side of life. The life energy expresses itself in all kinds of forms, both positive and negative. We live in a world of reverberation. Wilfert expresses this in various forms in his works of art. For example, in Echoes of Life and The Dripp Effect.


‘Energy is in everything, everything is Energy’

Suffering live changes

Killer bodies

The natural shapes of the female body, the attractive erotic force and personal stories of women inspired him to create female body sculptures. His so-called Killerbodies, all have their own story and are created using his special mixing technique with epoxy, recycled material, and a mixed media of other materials like gold leaf. 


Animals have always been a source of inspiration for Wilfert. In Sarasota, for example, he made Elephants at swimming pools and Dolphins for public spaces on behalf of the municipality. Back in the Netherlands, Wilfert made his Big 5 series full size. Smaller animals such as butterflies also inspire Wilfert. The whole energetic path of transformation into a flying insect is fantastic. Nature is fragile and beautiful and deserves the sincere attention of people.

Heart of butterflies
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