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Studio Vix


VI is the Swedish word for 'we', X stands for 'more'; more fun together.

StudioVIX carries its own product label internationally and also provides interior & furniture design services.

Her designs focus on creating positive experiences and a positive impact on people and nature.

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We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

My vision

We love to create positive interactions. The way we interact with each other and our environment is transforming. We like to transform it in a way that we interact in a pleasurable way with each other and our surrounding, to increase understanding and respect in an ever more digital individualised world.
Indoctrinated by the digital economic system we live and work in today, that cripples our creative brain and makes us ever more stressful, we aim to  create a little bit of space in our mind, leading to wellbeing & creativity.

stylefull-design-whiteboards-and-flipcharts-vix 2.jpg


BLOEM: Powder coated steel

GRUTTO: Powder coated Steel & OAK (FSC wood)

Writing boards & Tools: Powder coated steel & Enamel on steel

We use durable and circular materials

Whiteboards 02 collectie.jpg

Relation to the d.&a Expo

We want to make the interaction between people and people and their environment more intense and thoughtful. Therefore, we design products which put us at ease and positively influence our creative ability and social behavior.

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