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Festa Cabinet Festa, a series of honest, understandable, and functional furniture made from simple steel parts and fasteners. The Festa cabinet system is entirely made of steel without using welding techniques to connect components.

All connection points are clearly visible, giving the cabinet a self-assured and distinctive appearance. Through a simple, manageable, and clear modular assembly system, with a pronounced honest approach, the cabinet can be fully customized according to individual preferences.

All individual parts such as three different height uprights, shelves, and a tensioning cross are infinitely interconnectable and sold separately.

H 214 x W 90 x D 30 cm

Powder-coated steel tubes and plates Optional colors: Available in 77 different RAL colors

Available for individual purchase
Upright 214 cm
Upright 94 cm
Upright 54 cm
Shelf Tensioning cross

Festa, kast

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