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As an artist, I feel a strong urge to activate materials and imbue them with a soul, creating a powerful connection between physical experiences, sensations, and touch. By setting aside biases, I am driven to construct, deconstruct, and reconstruct, resulting in dizzying, organic sculptures and objects that strive to expand further into space through movement. I strive to capture and transform the energy and motion flowing through my imagination into matter. My works are inspired by science and nature, seeking to translate them into my own language. I enjoy challenging the physical properties and meaning of the materials I work with and strive for my sculptures to follow their own path, shaped like creatures. Another important aspect is how the audience perceives and experiences the works, leaving behind preconceptions. Ultimately, my art practice represents a constant exploration of materials and self-expression through sculpture, seeking to evoke a response and slightly itch the viewer's brain.

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  • Vimeo | Marthe Wille

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We don’t have any products to show right now.

My vision

Caring about my raw materials also means questioning how long an art work should live and if it should come to life at all. I do not believe that my works should exist for ever and I am simply borrowing those materials. It would be interesting that after a certain amount of time, those materials are returned where they were extracted and can continue their cycle

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About my work

FLUX and FIXITY Sculptures revealing the hidden movemnet within stillnessThis is a series of five that explores the tension between drying clay and its stilness, as well the moment when it gives way to new life that emerges from within. Reflecting on the process of clay becoming solid and the way it transforms, while also capturing the fagility and impermanence of live.


Relation to the d.&a Expo

I am compelled to activate materials and imbue them with a soul, fostering a strong connection between physicality, sensations, and touch. BUt also keeping a certain distance. I ask myself, "What does the material want from me?" By letting go of preconceptions, I feel an urge to construct, deconstruct, and reconstruct. The results of my daily practice yield vertiginous, eerie, and organic sculptures and objects, with elongated legs and curves that strive to expand further in space through movement. I seek to capture and transform the energies and movements that flow through my imagination and materialize them. The connection I have with my works is somewhat abstract, and I enjoy reflecting on the traces of energies and movements present in them. I seek to transform these sensations into shapes and materials, allowing them to take on a life of their own.

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