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Mariëtte Wolbert

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Designer Mariëtte Wolbert hides behind the label Mariëtte Wolbert Textiles. Her label was created in 2016 based on her own need to market a sustainable and stylish collection of high-quality kitchen textiles.


The unique kitchen sets are distinguished by a luxurious and rich appearance and the quirky designs by Wolbert, each telling its own story, sometimes with a wink.


The cloths are sustainably produced in Portugal and consist of 100% cotton.


The stylish kitchen textiles by Mariëtte Wolbert are a must-see and invite you to use them every day! All sets are showpieces for the kitchen.

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We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

My vision

My designs must meet on the basis of Comfortable’, 'Lucid', 'Logical', 'Luxurious' and always with a 'Smile'

Soft Square


The kitchen sets are manufactured in Europe and are made from 100% cotton. Teatowel 65 x 65 cm, kitchen towel 60 x 60 cm. The kitchens, tea towel and kitchen-towel costs together € 23,90. Packed in a luxury gift box € 29,90.

They were purchased for the collection of The Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and by the Textile Museum Tilburg.


Relation to the d.&a Expo

Fluttering in the wind, wet, dry, crumpled, dirty, clean, ironed. Everything under control

Soft Square _ Luxury giftbox
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