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Mariëtte Wolbert

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Designer Mariëtte Wolbert hides behind the label Mariëtte Wolbert Textiles. Her label was created in 2016 based on her own need to market a sustainable and stylish collection of high-quality kitchen textiles.


The unique kitchen sets are distinguished by a luxurious and rich appearance and the quirky designs by Wolbert, each telling its own story, sometimes with a wink.


The cloths are sustainably produced in Portugal and consist of 100% cotton.


The stylish kitchen textiles by Mariëtte Wolbert are a must-see and invite you to use them every day! All sets are showpieces for the kitchen.

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My vision

My designs must meet on the basis of Comfortable’, 'Lucid', 'Logical', 'Luxurious' and always with a 'Smile'

Soft Square


The kitchen sets are manufactured in Europe and are made from 100% cotton. Teatowel 65 x 65 cm, kitchen towel 60 x 60 cm. The kitchens, tea towel and kitchen-towel costs together € 23,90. Packed in a luxury gift box € 29,90.

They were purchased for the collection of The Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and by the Textile Museum Tilburg.


Relation to the d.&a Expo

Fluttering in the wind, wet, dry, crumpled, dirty, clean, ironed. Everything under control

Soft Square _ Luxury giftbox
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