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Henriëtte Santing

Studio Santing is the workspace of artist and designer Henriëtte Santing. She studied at the HKU (academy of art Utrecht), HDK (academy of art Berlin), KMT (academy of art, media and technics in Hilversum).


Originally painter and fascinated by light Santing choose to let go of the classic canvas in the 90’s. She started painting on semi-transparant artificial silk in various two and three-dimensional shapes. Because of the transparency the environment becomes part of the artwork, the work is no longer independent.


Nowadays Santing creates most of the time unica’s who are designed especially for the location. Wanna see more?

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We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

My vision

A quiet transition — I would like you to be in the moment by presenting something that’s constantly and slowly changing. Let there be only perception of light and color. These works of art are made of semi-transparant artificial silk. Their appearance is dependent of the lighting and your position as a viewer. 



Slats: artificial silk, acrylics (paint, medium, additive, varnish) of the brand Golden (lightfast, UV-resistent).

 Fitting: wood, thread, metal.


Relation to the d.&a Expo

Interactive lightart — One artwork contains many faces. Watch it from the inside or outside in combination with the turning of the slats. Beside the slats you’ll find two ropes. I invite you to pull the shortest one and a different composition will appear.


Architectural textile — Abstract (or should I say: it is what it is) with a figurative association. The idea for this association started when I was in town (in a area with a lot of new office buildings) once in december/ late afternoon. As daylight fades offices are still illuminated.


Unbroken vs broken — Sometimes the image is there and sometimes not, depending on your own position towards the slats.

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