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This summer Hotel Artemis focuses to the finest artist of the century. The new expo of Dutch Design Hotel Artemis in the theme off 'van Mondriaan tot Dutch Design'. Mondriaan was a Dutch painter and art theoretician, he was seen as a pioneer of abstract and non-figurative art.

The distinctive horizontal and vertical black lines and primary colors, is world famous and serves as inspiration for many architects and designers of applied art. With attention to clothing, jewelry, furniture, sculptures and paintings the exhibition shows a rich variety of disciplines. The influences 'van Mondriaan tot Dutch Design' comes back in the smallest details. Did you know that the architecture of the hotel is a combination of the geometric lines of Mondrian, Rietveld and Dudok?


Mondriaan tot Dutch Design ran from June 8th till October 1st 2017. Take a look at the brochure to go back in time. 

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