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‘Generation Y?'

Generation Me, Mix, Why Bother,
Go Nowhere, the Millennials, Peter Pan Generation, Echo Boomers, Trophy Generation, Global Generation and
the Net Generation… This is

People in this generation are the children of the Baby Boomers. Generation Y is a demographic group that follows up Generation X. Born between 1980 and 2000 they are today’s teens and youngsters. Generation Y feels that dreams can come true and responsibilities can be ignored.


This spring Dutch Design Hotel Artemis exhibits the new Design & ARTemis expo ‘Generation Y?’. Generation Y thinks they are entitled to it all and is characterised as ambitious, flexible, digital connected but also as narcissistic, insecure and attention seeking. This generation works to afford new experiences is always searching for new experiences and is eco-friendly. But they are also not loyal to their employers, dependent on their parents for a long time and find it difficult to fulfil their obligations.
Every artist or designer is marked with the label ‘Generation Y’: this way they show the visitor their view on the world. What is their vision and how does this characterise their pieces?
Enter the discussion about the Generation Y stereotype created in this exhibition. Discuss your vision on Generation Y with Dutch Design Hotel Artemis, artists and designers and discover what everyone can learn from each other. Because future generations are not already there, they are created by previous generations. Follow the time line and be inspired by the free mind and vision of the next generation.
‘Generation Y?’ shows a rich variety of art, design and creative concepts created by Generation Y. Participants of different ages within Generation Y expose their work, so the exhibition represent the whole generation.

Follow this and other exhibitions via the Dutch Design Hotel Artemis Facebook page. Here we highlight design and artworks and exhibitors and provide you with information about art and design related subjects and activities on a regular base.

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