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A variety of polls show us that the low countries are
among the happiest countries in the world. However,
what is it that characterizes a typical Dutchman?
And how does it influence our culture? When we dive into our culture, are we really genuine and authentic ‘Dutch Design’, or did we become more of an artistic, multi-cultural mixture? 

In Dutch art and design our culture gets reflected in things like the adventurous side of it, and the little winks within its reality and ingenuity. For his creations, Mondriaan got inspired by the artistic lines of our country sides. But there are many artists and
designers that have spread their wings and found their inspiration beyond the borders of our country. 
During the new exhibition ‘Culture Cult’, the D&A
(Design&ARTemis) Platform wants to show which genetics or experiences with other cultures influenced the formation of Dutch art and design as we know it today. Therefore we present the visions and creations of Dutch based artists who dare to go beyond the artificial boundaries of our culture
in order to shape their creations. ’Culture Cult’ will become an immersion of cultures with all its varieties in comparison with our small country where we find a world of unity.

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