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Students of SintLucas Boxtel were given the assignment to come up with a Superhero who can make a positive contribution to the world in the 22nd century. What special power does the Superhero have to make the world a little better and in what way?

After an inventory of their own superheroes and discussing world problems, a brainstorm led to ideas for solving the problem.

This work was realized by first-year ceramics students (MBO 4).

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Margot Brand

The 'moment of shine sneaker'

Following in the colorful footsteps of my superheroes. Or well, superheroes… superheroines in my case! My personal superheroes are 8 women who managed to excite me at the right time and helped me further in an important phase of my life. Because of them I have always felt seen and valued and that has always motivated and inspired me enormously.

 Many of these women are former teachers of mine. After a long time not knowing what I want to do in the future, I now know that I want to follow in their footsteps. By also becoming a subject teacher, in

Margot Brand - moment of shine sneaker.jpeg

Eline Willemse

The River Helper

I made this project for the forest rangers. The idea is that the River Helper will help the forest rangers filter and clean oil and toxins from rivers or lakes. The River Helper is not suitable for the ocean, because that amount of resources is too large for what the River Helper can handle.

The River Helper's basic colors are blue, so it blends in with the color of its surroundings. The oil and toxins are filtered out as the River Helper ingests them through the mouth. As a result, the area around the mouth is affected by the oil, causing oil-colored spots in the body.

The multiple eyes are also part of the River Helper's working methods, allowing it to quickly see where and what needs to be filtered

Eline Willemse- de Rivierhelper.jpg

Tim Roumen

Shooting deaf

 My invented hero's superpower is being able to shoot white balloon pigeons with a weapon. I have made the dove large and wide-winged to represent it powerful, so that it takes away the power of the weapon.

The Dove: A white dove of course stands for peace, so also in this work. I chose not to keep the pigeon completely standard and to derive it from a balloon animal. I have chosen to bring back the idea of ​​peace and freedom a little more, because balloons are always seen in cheerful situations and are themselves a free object. The weapon represents war and conflict in this work. I started making it with inspiration from an AK-47 but with some minor adjustments.

Timo Roumen - Shooting doves.jpg

Nora Wijnen

House, Tree, Beast, Tube 

Foster care workers are central to this project. My mother, who has experienced a lot in this problem, is a source of inspiration for me for this project. Because there are still problems around this theme, I have found a solution for this. “House, Boompje, Beestje, Kokertje” is the solution for children who turn 18 in the foster care system, for whom there is hardly any affordable help available or who have nowhere to go. That is why I designed the family cooker for these children.

As soon as they turn eighteen they can choose their own tube with house and family, where they can stay forever. A warm house and a warm family.

Nora Wijnen - Huisje, Boompje, Beestje, Kokertje.jpg

Isa Baak

The Netelscuba

Plastic. You will find plastic everywhere in nature during this time. More than 11 million tons of plastic ends up in the sea every year. This breaks up into smaller pieces, which eventually become microscopic in size.

This jellyfish is designed to catch the plastic and absorb it into itself. The large textile tentacles pick up larger pieces of plastic and the beads catch the microparticles of plastic that float around in the water. The textile tentacles and beads then send the plastic to the head of the jellyfish. There it is stored until someone catches and empties the jellyfish.

The colors are inspired by the colors you often see in jellyfish in nature. The shape of the jellyfish is not based on a jellyfish that exists in real life.

MicrosoftTeams-image (105).png

Lore van Mierlo

Make drops grow

This superhero attribute is all about forest rangers. Forest rangers are really superheroes in my eyes, because they are committed to the well-being of nature. They keep track of different plant species and ensure that no exotics take over our land.


One of the problems forest rangers experience is that the plants they plant don't grow fast enough. This watering can solves the problem. The watering can is an infinite magical water source of water that makes plants grow faster. Due to the color, the watering can does not fall very much, so that it blends in with nature when you walk in the woods with it.

“Making drops grow” will be of real added value for the foresters of our country in the future.

MicrosoftTeams-image (106).png

Finja Spörl

Tree of Peace

People put notes in the tree with their perspective of world problems. This allows everyone to read different perspectives of people without knowing whose. By reading the different perspectives, people gain more insight into other ways of thinking, so that they can gain more understanding for each other. This can lead to world peace. The more colored notes in the tree, the more joy and peace.

MicrosoftTeams-image (109).png

Julie Brekelmans

The Shark Speedboat

This artwork was made as a protest against the Japanese hunting ships in Alaska that illegally hunt whales. This is my take on a speedboat made in the shape of a shark. The function is that the boat quickly and conveniently sails to the illegal hunting boat and takes a bite out of the ship, causing the hunting ship to sink. An organization called Sea Shepherd has already saved more than 6,000 whales by the year 2022.

MicrosoftTeams-image (108).png
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