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Theme description ‘NO TIME TO WASTE’
Times of simplistic supply of our daily consumer items seem to have perished. Innumerable forms in color, material, taste, size, odor, brand and quality are constantly flown at us as quickly decayed consumer articles that often cause choice overload. They are bought and used today, and are written off tomorrow or even today. And what happens to all those waste particles that may no longer be art for the eye, taste, hearing, smell or feeling? They end up disrespectfully on a large (rubble) hope that the term WASTE is designated.

The Dutch Designers and artists of today ...

The designers of this time put a stop to the perishing of this respect and lift the baton to ultimate heights of prestige. The Dutch Design hotel Artemis has found THE investigators with style that have wriggled through the mountains of scraps, to pick up the discarded, treasure-rich elements and use them for a new (user) design.

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