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behh frameless chair_Ida_wool_B_1.jpeg

Marieke Jansen

Lounge chair made out of wool. After more than 10 years of having to replace the foam rubber cushions of chairs and sofas, Marieke Jansen chose to design an armchair with a material that will last a lifetime. The material wool, which is also a waste product in The Netherlands. The playful use of the woolen materials merge with her love for the textile craft. She experiments with different techniques such as tufting and felting and through this unique way of using wool Marieke creates recognizable, unique lounge chairs

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"Behh lounge chair"

Take a look at my work

Every piece has been made with care and passion. If you would like to know more about my work or even better you would like to buy the item, you can do so through the webshop.

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