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Yvonne de Boer
Studio Brokaat

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Yvonne de Boer
Studio Brokaat

After studying Textile Methods and Drawing in Groningen, designing costumes appealed to me more than a job as a teacher. I started working as a costume consultant at the Maastricht Theater Academy and worked on costumes for films such as "Ciske de rat" and "De Aanslag". In addition, I specialized in traditional, classic upholstering. I like to scour flea markets and vintage shops in search of exciting materials and objects that deserve a second life.

I move between art and kitsch, antique and modern, between stillness and baroque.


The beginning is always the form. It lights the spark. Then I set off armed with my imagination and craftsmanship. Thanks to my knowledge and experience with film styling, I know how to look for what fits that one chair, that one object.

Objects are often discarded too quickly. The furniture I cover usually has an emotional value for the owner and is attached to history. That is why the use of materials and colours, and the technical finish are a point of attention from the very beginning. Everything must fit together well. In this way the story can be passed on.



Fix what is broken. Let what is worn shine. Clean what is dirty. What has been extinguished, to breathe new life.

An excellent example of reuse are the armchairs "Zipper-less numbers" of Studio Brokaat (Yvonne de Boer). She is a furniture artist. She always reuses fabric and leather and incorporates them into the furniture. The crocheted flowers on the armrests come from a vest and the Levi 501 jeans are incorporated in the inner ridges. The invitation is to relax and sit in her comfortably chairs.

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