Wanda van Riet

Art designer 

Wanda van Riet, designer and creator of Hendrik.nu.
What is your 'drive' for Hendrik.nu?

"I believe that our past (our cultural heritage) gives meaning and experience to our life. That the past connects, inspires and makes people curious all over the world. The past forms the basis for special and new encounters and breathes new life into old relationships. I believe the past makes the present and the future more beautiful! "

My motto? "Design of sustainable products with a story. Made in an open transparent production chain"

My products have a story. The fascinating stories from the past become tangible in a designed product. In addition, all articles that I design are made in small editions, preferably in the Netherlands. By keeping production in the Netherlands, I am optimally involved in the manufacturing process.


For the materials of the designs I look for the best quality and the most sustainable solutions. Almost all products are handmade with a social design philosophy. I supervise the entire chain of the manufacturing process myself, often packing the articles myself, in my own designed packaging. By doing all this myself, I know what I am selling and I am 100% behind my design.


My approach; I am looking for unique connections between the present and the past, materials and manufacturing companies.

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