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Through the use of various forms of Textile Art, I strive to help people create their ‘dream interior’, by adding a sense of sophistication, beauty and personality to their walls.

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My work

My Story

Rianne Aarts, born January 1991, is the owner and creator of Teddy and Wool, a High-End Fiber Art Label from The Netherlands.

Having been a creative soul ever since a very young age, she lives and breathes creativity and always feels the need to create something beautiful.

Rianne has been commissioned to create unique and captivating fiber art by hundreds of private clients around the world and by large brands such as Google, Starbucks, Hilton Hotels and Majé Paris.


I find water fascinating! Zoomed-in or out, focused on details or rather wholistic, certain properties of water like patterns, colors and movement, will differ depending on your perspective.

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