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01 About me

(Re)design the interior of an office, restaurant, hotel? SDVH DESIGN makes interior dreams a reality. We are specialized in processing branding, lighting and the latest trends and developments within interior design.


“Light is all around us. I enjoy sunrays, captured in objects, scattering through branches of trees or buildings and structures in the city. The dancing lights and shapes, forming diamondlike images on the breaking surface of water. I try to capture these beautiful moments in my designs. Giving light an extra dimension by elevating the fixtures to pieces of art. All the while trying to preserve the source of my inspiration, nature, by using reclaimed materials.“ ~ Sabine van der Ham

02 Project Process

The equilateral triangle is central in the geometric Trigami collection. Due to the strong characteristics of the triangle shape, it is a form within the architecture that is used as a foundation. The Trigami collection is inspired by this and SVDH DESIGN has applied this technique in an innovative way. By folding this extremely strong mathematical form through the origami technique, several innovative lighting objects are created. The material of the Trigami collection of ceramics is a sustainable solution and can be completely reused. Also about the production of the Trigami collection is cleverly thought about. The molds are constructed in such a way that only a few basic shapes are used to produce multiple luminaires. Note: ceramics are a natural material, every product is different. Changes in color and distortion are inherent in the material. Trigami is available in 5 colors.

The ceramic lampshades are made at Cor Unum. Cor Unum is a ceramic workshop in 's-Hertogenbosch, where beautiful ceramics from nationally and internationally renowned designers are manufactured with great passion and craftsmanship. Cor Unum - literally: one at heart - is supported by many: by ambassadors and students, by designers and volunteers, by people at a distance from the labor market and professionals. They all share one common ideal: everyone deserves a place, everyone has a talent and everyone can contribute to making the world a better place.

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03 Relationship to the Expo

Within architecture, the triangle is the most stable shape. This design was created by folding this shape using the origami technique.