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Studio Mirte

Ever wanted to have art you can actually touch? Studio  Mirte, a textile design studio founded by Mirte van Kooten (1993), makes tactile, acoustic art for your walls.

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"Something that started as a creative outlet quickly turned into an obsession when I discovered rug-tufting."

Relation to the Expo

For the works for Artemis, I drew inspiration from natural forms. I enjoy making bold statements in my work through daring use of colors and shapes, primarily abstract and organic in nature.

About my work

With a clear emphasis on abstract shapes and graphics, I create works that are both contemporary and playful. Because of my background in graphic design,  my visual language is bold, characterised by clean lines and abstract shapes. By using these visuals in  combination with textiles, a visual tension arises between the precision of the design and the natural imperfection of the medium, which gives an extra layer  of character to my work.  By using a tactile medium, I aim to add something extra to the home. With my works I emphasise the physical experience of a space. Additionally, my works are functional due to the acoustic function they have. My work is created by hand in my garden atelier in Utrecht. I use a technique called tufting, in which I use  a handheld machine called a tufting gun, to insert  thread through a primary backing fabric. Every piece is  meticulously trimmed by hand, clipping every strand  of yarn into the right shape. This craft enhances the  handmade feel of every piece.

About me

 I am Mirte van Kooten (1993), a textile designer from Utrecht. I studied graphic design at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. In my work, I combine clean, graphic designs with the tactile nature of textiles.

Take a look at my work

Every piece has been made with care and passion. If you would like to know more about my work or even better you would like to buy the item, you can do so through the webshop.

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