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The designs of Irene van Ophoven give a space a distinctive and personal signature; with bold statements for grand interiors and a colourful graphic style she creates striking interior concepts and life-size designs for ‘feature walls’ and more...

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My work

My Story

Irene is fascinated by textiles, their tactile aspect and how patterns can turn a space into a meaningful and authentic place. With her strong sense of elegance, aesthetics and refined use of colour, she creates exclusive and daring designs that give an interior character.


Her textile and design designs often arise from intuitive experimentation and research. In the development process, using basic craft techniques such as screen printing, colour and material tests are often the starting point for her ideas and applied designs that provide interiors with a unique and personal signature.


Geometric motifs and life-size graphic designs are her characteristic style that is perfect for distinctive interiors such as hotels or offices, open lofts and other large spaces. 


Besides the tapestries of the 'Connected' Series that are on display at the Artemis Hotel, Studio Irene van Ophoven designs wallpaper, interior textiles, unique wall-art objects, modular wall panels, ceramic tiles and rugs. Moreover, Studio Irene van Ophoven regularly participates in creative collaborations with clients in the fields of concept, design and styling. She develops both product collections and custom made designs. With the right stories, colours, materials and patterns she creates a special look in interior projects that inspires people.


The 'Connected' series is a growing line of designs and is based on a free and spontaneous way of working and the desire to make a connection between the digital and the canvas of the 'real' physical world. The manual work on textiles is digitally converted.  This has resulted in a number of interior products with which more personality can be given to an interior.

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