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SiNTLUCAS Students

Groepsfoto SintLucas studenten.jpg


The Creative Craftsman Ceramics course is part of SintLucas, a vocational school for creative talent in Boxtel and Eindhoven. Because SintLucas is 75 years old this school year, there is an extra reason to celebrate with these delicious baked delicacies.

Names of the students are:

Annika Arkesteijn, Mirre Barten, Solij Buchholz, Dyonne Doornbos, Luna van Kessel, Lisanne Kox, Ilya van Laarhoven, Lineke Louwers, Renske de Meijer, Yasmin Moorman, Elina den Mulder, Emma Nelson, Sumeyra Şimşek, Anne van der Velden, Oscar Vroomen, Lara van ’t Westeinde, Anouk van Zon, Dieke Zwerts, Daenerys Sluijk


New models have been made from residual plaster and molds have been made from very different waste materials. Clay is pressed, poured or injected into this. The pieces were then decorated in a wide variety of textures, colors and (waste) glazes.

During the assignment, packaging material that would normally end up in the waste was looked at in a different way. Paint sprayer caps, old toothpaste tubes or disposable packaging were used to give new shapes to the ceramic pastry. Do you recognize shapes that have been used in the patisserie?

The plaster and clay used are mostly remnants of other assignments. The glaze that has been used largely comes from the glaze cabinets, which would normally be thrown away.


Second year students Creative Craftsman Ceramics have worked on a collaborative assignment SintPatisserie. A tasteful completion of their second school year before they go on an internship. Here, the students present the elaborate banquet made of ceramics by recycling and upcycling.


During this school module, the students worked together as a team to arrive at a joint final result. Something they couldn't do for a long time because of Corona. But Ceramics students know how to celebrate something festive. Hopefully the ceramic patisserie, fresh from the ceramic ovens, will also please your eyes!


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