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Rosalie Nannings

Rosalie Nannings 1.jpg

Rosalie Nannings

My name is Rosalie Nannings, design furniture maker. I just finished my education at the wood and furniture college with this piece of furniture as my masterpiece.
I went to the Expo at the HMC where a friend of mine exhibited and I registered for the training. Once started, I knew I wanted to do this.

I worked there for my final exams in 4 years. In this piece of furniture I challenged myself to design and make this complex piece of furniture. And combine the octagon with round shapes.



When the flaps are open, the furniture 'blooms', hence the name Bloom.
Bloom ties in with the Reboot theme, as it opens and closes just like a flower that closes in the evening and opens in the morning. A new start to the day.

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