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Expo Reboot | 8 October - 4 February 2023

REBOOT’ See, think and wonder!


This autumn, the d.&a expo is all about the group exhibition Reboot. At least 7 designers and artists and a number of students from SiNTLUCAS (from the Design and Craft department) take part in the Expo, which focuses on the ability to create something new. The artists and the designers show what Reboot means to them. In the past few years after all the lockdowns and when the world came to a standstill, being resilient has become more important than ever, especially in the creative industry where self-expression and meaningful human dialogue have a big role. The Expo Reboot is about making a fresh start after a process of inner exploration or original solution to a problem. Highlights: Check out the wide variety of art and design products with their own refreshing reboot story. You will see a selection of extremely strong bags from exhausted fire hoses to other excellent examples of reuse. Photography and painting with deeper layers and nature-inspired lamps and a table called ‘Bloom’ from a young maker. And we are very proud that students of SiNTLUCAS exhibit with a banquet of beautifully made ceramic pastries and cakes. To experince this is to engage.

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