The works of Kuipers are hand-drawn, laser-cut slices of imagination, assembled into jubilant abstract visions that effortlessly expand into the surrounding space. Constellations reminiscent of billowing clouds, minerals and flowers in bloom testify to the vitality of nature and our own capacity for joy.

From the first colorful impressions, Kuipers’ work unfolds into ever finer detail. The unique, vibrant surface of every individual element arrests the attention, makes you marvel at the subtle contrasts that accentuate the countless different hues in a bold but harmonious pallet. Gold, fluorescent orange and burnt sienna, or infinite shades of pink, yellow, purple, orange and red. Gradients and organic patterns – cellular structures perhaps, molds, rusts, raindrops – seem to flow autonomously and freely through all the pieces, revealing a casual painterly command behind the spontaneous exuberance of color. Layer upon layer, Kuipers adds depth and reflection, guiding and enticing the eye.

Floral Abstraction II

  • Acrylic paint and gold leaf on wood