In 2019 and 2020 I stayed for longer periods in Ubud on Bali. There I read in a booklet about a small village Petulu and how it came to be. A story that for me was somewhere between reality and fantasy. Part of the story was that at one point a large group of white herons had settled in Petulu and hadn't left since. I loved the magical atmosphere of the story and wondered if Petulu could be near Ubud.
One day I was invited to a party in the Ubud area and was able to ride on the back of a scooter. The party was in a house somewhere between the rice fields. When we got there, we got off our scooter to see how best to get there. At that moment I saw hundreds of white herons in the canopy of the trees around me and realized that this must be Petulu! I took pictures of the birds and was very excited about my discovery.

The scarves titled Heron Birds Petulu are based on this story. My personal discovery of a place from a mythological story about Bali.

Colorful scarves

  • 90 x 90 cm or 180 x 40 cm

  • Silk Twill, Silk Chiffon, Habotai Silk or Satin Silk