Peacock Dream Design

By Irina Borisov

Irina Borisov is Amsterdam based furniture artist and founder of Peacock Dream design, the furniture makeover atelier. A shop for hand-painted furniture with color and grace, a studio for custom-designs that reflect the universe that is you.  She turns the old furniture to Versailles style piece of art. 


Using chalk paint and masterfully combining it with a gold Irina gives things an exquisite and luxurious look. It seems like her furniture was just carried over from the 18th century, French antique connoisseurs, and everyone who is looking to spice up their living with a dash of style.


Irina was looking for a spacious space for painting her furniture, and filming tutorials on refurbishment. She has been based in our hotel for a few weeks now where she refurbishes live furniture and gives workshops.


If you, just like Irina have been looking and would like to know what the possibilities are, feel free to contact us via