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Expo Open Up | 11 February - 3 June 2023

“Adventurers in Art and Dutch design”

d.&a Expo “Open Up” is about traveling. Our drive to explore and wanderlust in general. Traveling is figuratively also growing, learning to be open to the new and unknown. It also encourages a kind of 
openness and usually respect and paying attention to the customs of a particular country. This kind of openness is like the design process of making art, allowing you to make unique connections and form 
new ideas. And finally, the imaginary journey. Imagine worlds in which you travel to fantasy lands, regions and peoples that only exist in the mind of the artist. The Open Up exhibitors love to tell their stories, fantasies and maybe it will inspire you to create your own journey? A grand tour about the art of getting lost and going on an adventure.

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