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01 About Noëlle

During her career in business as a communication trainer and coach, she started with textile art courses. She completed her Master Textile Art in the spring of 2019. Since the beginning of 2019 she has been working full-time as a visual artist. She has always been fascinated by light, color and shine and tries to depict the wonder of this in her work.

02 About Twan

Twan is a graduate Product Designer at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Twan has always been a creative person, who has been researching and demolishing toys, old computers, remote controls and other electronics from an early age. Often it was not intentional and sometimes with a little too much curiosity about how it was put together or worked. Nevertheless, he soon developed an interest in this and later developed a keen eye for design.


Twan and Noëlle created the light objects together.


Light object Flow won a prize at an Art Biennale in Delft in 2019

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03 Project Process

Wonder is the core of the work of Noëlle van der Hagen. The magic you feel when you look through a kaleidoscope as a child, or when the sun shines through a stained-glass window. The energy that is released when something has been successful, when you have had a nice and valuable conversation with someone or when you listen to a great piece of music… Just wander off… Everyone recognizes this: enchantment.