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Expo Moments of Transformation | 10 June  - 30 September 2023

The central theme of the new d&a platform in DUTCH DESIGN HOTELS ARTEMIS is about movement and transformation. In nature everything is in a continuous flow, evolving and transforming. The man-made world is static, solid and rigid. The artists and designers seek out the contrast.

A "transformation" is when something changes, usually dramatically. Like you could say that boiling turns water into steam, or a caterpillar turns into a butterfly.

A 'transformation moment' is therefore a moment when things change radically.

Art has the power to transform. Transform thinking, transform objects, transform materials. The Moments of Transformation expo explores the power and fragility of transformation through sculpture, painting, textile design, furniture and ceramics.

Words that fit the works of art are: dynamics, movement, moving image, sculpture, time is movement, moving perspective, transforming frames, change, moving on, deformation, metamorphosis, frames, progress, action, development, movement and the key moment.

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