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Meet your greens

Meet your Greens invites you to look with renewed wonder at the beauty, that is so close to us: the rich, wonderous beauty of vegetables. Through our vegetables we are connected to the seasons, the land, the soil, the earth, the bigger plan.

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"In our society we have become increasingly alienated from nature and the earth that feeds us."

Relation to the Expo

In our society we have become increasingly alienated from nature and the earth that feeds us.

With our vegetable portraits we invite people to rediscover what a powerful source vegetables are.

It is fulfilling to feel connected to the earth.This also makes you connected to yourself.

About my work

Meet Your Greens is our story, the story of Arjanne Boekhout and Ruud Willems, a maker duo in Arnhem.

A story of love and attention for everything through which life flows, visible and full of power, but also modest and silent.

In Meet Your Greens we combine our love for food and for making what is vibrant beneath the surface visible and tangible. Arjanne with her cooking, Ruud with his love for images and stories. Both with their sense of atmosphere and their own touch.

For us, wealth lies in the apparently simple: in a freshly harvested beetroot, the first kohlrabi in spring. Vegetables are a beautiful, everyday example of pure life force. We would like to take you on a journey of beauty and wonder with these Vegetable Portraits.

About the owners

Arjanne Boekhout

Ruud Willems

I grew up with the products of the land, from the vegetable garden. Always everything fresh. This has shaped my way of eating and my taste.

The memories of summers in the past at our home are still very vivid for me. The endless tubs of peas, beans and capuchins.

Buckets full of berries, strawberries and raspberries. The smell of drying apples in the house.


This gave an enormous feeling of connection. Connectedness with the earth, the vegetable garden, our food, with each other and the neighborhood.
And a sense of richness and wonder. 

I am a graphic designer with an artist's heart. Text and images are my material.

For someone like me, the day is only really good when I am surprised by what is created under my hands: a new shape, an unsuspected angle, a story that suddenly emerges.

Maybe it's creating, but I call it treasure hunting: uncovering what lives beneath the surface.


With Meet Your Greens, Arjanne and I give our everyday, ordinary vegetables a worthy and deserved platform.

A place where they can shine, be seen and enjoyed.

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Take a look at our work

Every piece has been made with care and passion. If you would like to know more about my work or even better you would like to buy the item, you can do so through the webshop.

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