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01 About me

The basis for Marianne Venderbosch's designs all originated during her travels through Asia, Europe and Central America. 

Paintings she made in Portugal served as the starting point for the designs for the bracelets she made in Bali and had them made in silver and gold-plated silver.

Photos of flowers and birds, her own imagination and a preference for strong color combinations form an inexhaustible source of inspiration and the basis for the designs she makes for scarves on pure silk. 

“I also make unique objects; paintings and sculptures, which are given a place in an environment. The nice thing about bracelets and scarves is that they are worn on the body. My “work” then really becomes a part of someone else. There is something very light and cheerful about it. I love it when people feel good, more beautiful and special. I recognize that, I have that too. I can really have favorite scarves and jewelry that go everywhere with me. They bring me happiness.”

02 Project Process

I like to be on the move and on the go, travelling. The experience of change in nature; the colours, the light; the unexpected. I like different atmospheres and cultures and surprising encounters with people. That's my inspiration. During my work, when I draw, sculpt or paint, I immerse myself in my own rhythm and the results arise as I go along. That is a very exciting process and a state of pure happiness.

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03 Relationship to the Expo

The rhythm of creation generates an experience of euphoria. My works are the results of this process.