Marga Niederer van Huizen

Ceramic artist

Marga (1964) has been an artist her whole life. She began with pen drawings, and quickly moved to water colouring and Chinese brush painting (sumi-e). But in the end she found her love for clay sculpting. The pursuit of this art began in Roosendaal, took her through a 4 year ceramic art school in Gouda, and now the past 6 years has seen her run her own workshop and give her own lessons.


Marga is a clay artist. A prominent theme in her work is the natural world, which is why much of the decorative slip used comes from clay she herself found and collected. This is a process she calls 'Colors of the earth'.

Her latest series takes the natural world as seen  by 19th Century philosopher Ernst Haeckel as its base inspiration, and is aptly named 'Under the spell of Ernst Haeckel'.

Other work makes use of the Kurinuki style, in which a large block of clay is slowly and carefully carved into its final form. You work from outside to in. In this series too, as with 'Under the spell of Ernst Haeckel', the slip is made from the self-dug clay.

The natural world is a beautiful, if messy, phenomena. Marga adopts this philosophy in her work, known as wabi sabi, or the 'beauty of imperfection'.

“My mission is to help people see that there is beauty in everything, you just have to open your eyes. My Chinese brush painting teacher used to say; no matter how surreal your art, rest assured, nature has made something stranger still. So relax, it all will be okay.”






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