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Karijn Molema Donorio aka Luminous has been practicing her art since 2002 with an objective to create stunning modern mosaics using discarded, found and recycled materials. Her current compilation is created using glass collected from beaches and coastlines around the world.


What started off with a single piece of dark blue glass found on the beach at Omapere in New Zealand has developed into a unique series of mosaics, light boxes and luminaires with a modern and vibrant beauty.  Motivated by collecting glass that holds texture and light, Karijn is often influenced to make works based on the materials gathered. For this reason, she has a strong connection with the sea, it's tidal shifts and what it has to offer.  All works are one off and handmade, as no piece of glass is the same.


Born in The Netherlands and raised in New Zealand, she now resides in Amsterdam.

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