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At LaLu, we believe in a world where everyone can live a dignified life, free from exploitation. That's why we're committed to fair production practices that respect humans, animals and nature.

LaLu products

Teal & Gold About Me Realtor Introduction Instagram Post (1250 x 800 px) (5).png
Teal & Gold About Me Realtor Introduction Instagram Post (1250 x 800 px) (5).png

"The earth gives us all we need!"

Relation to the Expo

Our materials (hemp, nettle and cotton) grow abundantly in the wild of Nepal and India, without pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. This allows for easy recycling and biodegradation of our fabrics while reducing the environmental impact of making a LaLu bag.

About my work

LaLu stands for radical equality: a fair compensation for everyone involved in creating a product. Animals and the earth also have the right to be protected during this process. Organic and plant-based products inspire all our creations. Let's challenge the status quo of rapid consumption together and choose fair products with a story behind them.

About me

As a committed vegan, I'm always looking for ways to promote the message of equality and sustainability.

After living in Nepal for an extended period, I was inspired to create a platform in the Netherlands for the beautiful products I encountered there.

The care and craftsmanship with which these products were made deeply moved me. Everything is done by hand, from picking the plants to weaving and sewing.

Throughout this process, there's not only a focus on people and animals, but the workshops also play an important role in their communities. Our talented makers turn plant-based materials into the most beautiful, durable products.

J. Angeneind, founder

Take a look at my work

Every piece has been made with care and passion. If you would like to know more about my work or even better you would like to buy the item, you can do so through the webshop.

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