Kaylee Spivey Good Artistry

Visual and Performing Arts

Kaylee Spivey Good is a visual and performing artist pursuing her Ph.D. at Vrije University in Amsterdam.


Kaylee primarily works in acrylic paint, jewelry creation, ceramics, mixed media, writing, and performing arts. She obtained her MA in Theatre Studies at the University of Amsterdam and has since opened her art studio and online shop.


She has been creating visual art since 2011 after graduation from Indiana University. Originally from Elberfeld Indiana in the United States, Kaylee has had a diverse artistic experience.


After performing and directing in film and theatre and having several of her written plays produced on stage, Kaylee opened Khaos Company Theatre in Indianapolis Indiana where she served as Artistic Director for several years leading up to her move to The Netherlands in 2017. She continues her artistic career in the performing and visual arts and her work can be viewed at her website.





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