01 About me

Wall reliefs, suspended sculptures and room-filling installations populate the realm of Rotterdam-based artist Joris Kuipers. His abstract forms, reminiscent of floral and crystalline exuberance, are made of two-dimensional elements layered into airy ensembles that organically expand in the surrounding space.


The energy and dynamics Kuipers invests in each individual work are transformed into lively, complex compositions full of movement and joy. His deliberate palette, with its initial sense of harmony, turns out to consist of many contrasting colors that give the hand-drawn and laser-cut component their deep, vibrant hue. 


In large installations and smaller pieces alike, Kuipers strives to delight the viewer, dazzling them with an abundance of shapes and vivid details that immediately appeal to the imagination.


His work has been exhibited at numerous art fairs, including Big Art No4 (2019), Object Rotterdam (2018 and 2019), KunstRAI (2018), Gent ART FAIR (2011) and Art Amsterdam (2009). He received commissions from Royal Caribbean Cruises (2019), Facebook (2016/19) and Vodafone (2011).

02 Project Process

Joris Kuipers constructs and deconstructs all kinds of materials into a spatially expressive image. Everything is interconnected in a state of construction and dissolution. The energy that is released is the source where Kuipers feels free.

Studio view
studio view 2.jpeg

03 Relationship to the Expo

Face to face with an installation or wall relief by Joris Kuipers you are about to enter a different dimension where the chaotic, random events of life have been captured and carefully rearranged to create an animated, lyrical object of beauty.

Constellations reminiscent of billowing clouds, minerals and flowers in bloom testify to the vitality of nature and our own capacity for joy.