01 About me

Jesper Krijgsman is a self-taught Dutch visual artist. He carefully assembles his photographed natural elements digitally to create detailed worlds that depict scenes in which the mystical qualities of the natural world are magnified. Photographing, editing, and-especially learning about the subjects he photographs, provides a hands-on experience that strengthens his connection to the natural world.

02 Project process

Through his work, he strives to present the viewer with more than a beautiful image, but also to find resonance between the viewers' emotion and the flora and fauna depicted. He hopes his vision contributes to a realization that nature possesses a form of emotional intelligence through its evolutionary process and that all living organisms are capable of empathy and thrive when living beside another harmoniously.

Proud of my work
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03 Relationship to the Expo

For me, the ingenuity of many life forms is something that deserves more attention. I consider the creativity in the evolution of flora and fauna to be something magical. The harmony in which this diversity coexists gives me a sense of euphoria which I want to show in my work.