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01 About me

I was born and raised in Sarajevo, Bosnia. During the Bosnian Civil War, I couldn't carry much more than a toy hero. This tangible and valuable memory of my childhood was the source of inspiration for me to design something so that the toy image would live on. Something that would remain in my adult life and give me the strength to keep going.

Jasmin Djerzic is a Dutch design studio, founded in 2009. From our studio in Breda we design, produce and distribute handmade home accessories that are sold in Europe, US, South Africa and the Middle East. With our enthusiastic team of designers, production employees and marketers, our goal is to design products that amaze and activate. You are always welcome there, in the heart of Breda!

02 Project Process

Wonder is central to all my designs. In addition, I think it is important that people (almost) create a personal bond with a product and genuinely love it. That is why I designed the Flying Dutchman wall lamp® in 2011. I chose a heron because the animal naturally has a somewhat absent gaze. By hanging a lamp in its beak, there is immediately an exciting, surprising and tough effect.

Flying Dutchman  Gold 3 (1).jpg
Flying Dutchman  Gold 2 (1).jpg

03 Relationship to the Expo

It's just too dark... You don't need a lot of light. You are looking for atmosphere and affection. But also for excitement and adventure. Illuminate your home with the original Flying Dutchman wall lamp®. This special and challenging lamp not only brings a special mood light, but also a real Dutch design piece in your home!

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