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Ilse Evers | Eversom

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Ilse Evers

The force behind Eversom is Ilse Evers. With a background in dance and theater, she knows better than anyone how to depict stories and to spin the everyday world around.

A colleague provided Ilse with her first fire hose. Curious about the possibilities of this sturdy material, she went in search of the ideal application and processing, without trying to tame its raw characteristic appearance. She adapted traditional wood and leatherworking tools in order to be able to handle this robust material.


The hoses are first sorted and washed thoroughly, then the creation of a new model can begin. Ilse allows the material to determine the form. Not the other way around. She embraces the specific markings: coding, brand names, and their signature textural relief that bear the scars obtained in duty, making every item unique. A labor-intensive process resulting in: Timeless and strong design with a heroic story and 100% vegan!


 Ilse Evers likes to turn fixed ideas around. An Eversom reminds you that there is so much more possible than what you have been told. That you have to turn and shape life yourself.


The names of the products refer to the theme of turning things around with a smile. The shopper is called Omkopen (bribe)  and the super handy handbag Omhandig (clumsy). Rediscover yourself and turn old ideas around.


We live in a rapidly changing world. We will have to rediscover ourselves and see our surroundings with fresh eyes. This fresh look gives us the opportunity to discover unused qualities and possibilities. A big smile helps us to be open to this and even enjoy it.  RE/BOOT



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