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By organizing design and art exhibitions every three months, Dutch Design Hotel Artemis offers young Dutch artists and designers a platform to showcase their work. Located in Amsterdam, the hotel predominantly welcomes international guests and visitors and therefore offers the artists and designers the opportunity to showcase their work to an audience to which they, especially at the beginning of their career, would normally not have access to.

During this new D&A exhibition ‘Talent4Art’, organized in cooperation Talent Voor Kunst, the artwork of recently graduated artists and designers will be displayed. With a wide range of techniques, among which photography, sculptures and painting, the unique perspectives and talents of these upcoming artists and designers are shown.

Talent For Art stands for innovative, affordable and high-quality art of young, talented artists. Talent For Art is the linking pin between novice professional artists and artistic Netherlands. We encourage the young professionals who are still enrolled or recently graduated at the Academy of Arts to express their creativity and to become an entrepreneur. In addition, we want to offer art which is affordable, of high quality and originality to individuals and companies.

Talent For Art offers an online gallery. Individuals and companies can search quickly through a search system for photographs, paintings and sculptures. The works of art are easy and secure to buy to decorate the interior of houses and companies. For the company it is also possible to rent art. Huyen Phan and Indra Vermeulen are the founders and owners of companies. They strive to realize temporary and structural exhibitions in public places in the Netherlands. In this way the art of the novice artists is seen as much as possible. In addition, art is shared by providing workshops in photography, painting and graffiti. Talent for art is thus for seeing, experiencing and sharing art.

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