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A signature is a name or sign on a work made or written by an artist to indicate that he is the author. It is intended to protect rights, but it is also a sign of quality and identity. Signature also means having a distinct style and provides recognition.

In close collaboration with renowned Dutch designer Chris Slutter, we searched for participants that all have a clear, distinctive signature. During this new exhibition ‘Signature’, various artists and designers will show their individuality.

Chris Slutter’s products have a clear link to the steel industry from the point of form, structure and colour.


The result of his work radiates from the same toughness as the machines he works with. Raw, simple, powerful. With this Chris sets a clear signature, his work you have to see, feel and almost smell it to experience it.

What characteristic signature do the other participants in this exhibition have? Come and be surprised. It has become a varied exhibition of furniture design, painting, autonomous design to ceramics. 

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