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'Route 1066'

We live and work in the postal code area 1066 in Amsterdam, an “undiscovered” area where many cultural and creative
innovations have been created. It is a challenge to merge many disciplines and show the art and design that Amsterdam
Nieuw-West has to offer’. Route 10/66 is more than a temporary exhibition because of the cooperation with
‘The Beach’, that develops cultural projects in Amsterdam Nieuw-West since 2007.

One of its projects is web platform ‘Nieuw-West Express’, which is used to find artists and designers in Amsterdam Nieuw-West. Because of facilities as ‘Nieuw-West Express’,
social media and ‘Mediamatic IkCam’, Route 10/66 is accessible for a wide range of visitors. The work of at least 66 artists and designers from Amsterdam Nieuw-West
will be unlocked. In addition, the reference to the participates and their information and networks will survive after the end
of the exhibition. The project has also been made possible
by the financial support of ‘Stadsdeel Nieuw-West’.

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