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A world without plastic, we can no longer imagine.
Plastic is everywhere. It has made our lives a lot easier.
Because the cost of plastic is relatively low, it is easy to
produce, versatile and water-resistant. Plastic is used
in a huge and growing range of products and it has
replaced many traditional materials. The down side is
that plastic waste is a big burden on the environment
and litter is a major problem, in addition, raw materials
are getting more scarce.

In all cases, it is of great importance giving a renewed
value to the material plastic. Let's try to see plastic less
as waste, and create awareness that plastic is
raw material, that can be reused in different ways.
But that also should not end up in nature, or as litter on
the street. Let's make again something fun of plastic!
The exhibition Plastic will introduce you to a number
of special artistic sustainable initiatives.

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