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In the exhibition “Ode to the old masters”, the old Dutch masters, take the most talented students of our time by the hand. They evoke passion in the expression of color, light and dark, in order to unite the past with modern times, using the latest influences. Exhibition “Ode to the old masters” honors the old Dutch artists, by translating their works into new art and design. Recognition allover, that has been achieved with an innovative touch. In other words, a feast for the eyes.


From the bouquets of Rachel Ruys, the lady whom gave life to every flower she painted, to the good old Mondrian who converted linear thinking into an abstract art form. Not to mention Rembrandt, the grand master who continues to amaze generation after generation.


The D&A Platform by Dutch Design Hotel Artemis proudly presents a new exhibition that shows that

art can survive the test of time and got embraced by each one of us. From the 6th of June to the 1st

of October 2019, the exhibition “Ode to the old masters” demonstrates ten artists and designers

who have succeeded in honoring Holland’s greatest masters.

Ode to the old Masters ran from June 6st till October 1st 2019. Take a look at the brochure to go back in time. 

Ode to the old Masters

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