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Nature is part of our daily lives and is very versatile. Think about the rich plant and wildlife, the diversity of landscapes, the elements, but also natural materials and organic forms. This has been our inspiration for composing the exhibition ‘Nature’.

Be creative yourself this exhibition and create your own landscape on the ‘Clay Table’ by Erwin Zwiers. Or perhaps the moss jewellery fit perfectly with your new look? No more clumsy drawing water from a rain barrel? We show you the solution.

Did you know that mould can also be used for the manufacture of objects? Thus we have a vase of mould that we want to show you.
Is it a colony of penguins who took over the hotel, or what is it? This and many other diverse art and design is shown during the exhibition ‘Nature’. Come and be surprised.
It has become a varied exhibition of furniture design, painting, jewellery, autonomous design to ceramics.

Our exhibition ‘Nature’ would not be complete without paying attention to nature conservation in the Netherlands. We do this in close cooperation with the largest private nature organization in the Netherlands ‘Natuurmonumenten’. That is why on this, for a nature organization unconventional location, namely the bustling business centre of Amsterdam, you can find more information about the nature reserves and activities of this nature organization. Natuurmonumenten manages 355 nature reserves. Here you will find enough tips to head out into nature this summer. And you might be stimulated in order to support nature in our country!

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