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‘Glance & Glow'

Dutch Design Hotel Artemis lights up the dark winter months with its exhibition Glance & Glow. No less than 12 exhibitors are taking part in the Dutch D&A exhibition where glossy materials, shimmering effects, luxurious design and lighting are central. With this theme, the hotel offers its guests not only a suitable environment during the holiday season, but also gives attention to the internationally renowned Amsterdam Light Festival.


The more than 3 metres long chandelier 'Ballroom Blitz' of Lolo Palazzo is made from recycled bicycle chains and gives a spectacular light effect on the ceiling, the walls and even on the ground. Studio Bass Luiting presents a led-lighted installation called 'City Lights'. It consists of 3D printed Lego-like bricks and shows us both the modern skyline as the historic canal belt silhouette of Amsterdam. The Glow in the Dark creations by jewellery designer Marian Sturkenboom and the fusion paintings with genuine Swarovski crystals by Rona Koot, give a ray of light and colour. Furthermore the innocent portraits of children in princess atmosphere of Tabitha Sluis are an unique contrast with the staged portrait photography of Petra van Velzen with e.g. a portrait of the diva Lady Galore.

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