During the "Fire" exhibition, the Fire element heats Dutch Design Hotel Artemis in different ways; it burns and crackles in the painted or woven canvas, as a fiery light design that literally and figuratively lights up the hotel, up to the mythological fire goddess who fashionably awakens everyone's inner fire. It also burns in the form of light design, furniture designs or objects that are sharply and indelibly burned into your memory by sharp, clean lines. In conclusion, you will see and feel how the Fire triggers action, which surrenders us into a vivid dance with the elements. We are proud to promote this element through the art and design of various "Dutch Design" top talents in the new exhibition "Fire", which can be visited daily from 3 October 2019 to 3 February 2020.

Fire ran from  October 3rd 2019 till February 3rd  2020. Take a look at the brochure and pictures.

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