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Fashion is always changing. With new designers coming up with new innovative ideas and the trendsetters continuously changing what is in fashion nowadays, it is sometimes hard to keep up.

For this exhibition we therefore collaborated with Daniëlle Kempen, a third year Fashion & Branding student at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI) with a great passion for fashion. With her finger on the pulse of what is in fashion nowadays, she put together this exhibition.

With the subtitle ‘Home is the skin we live in’, Daniëlle gave this exposition an extra dimension, taking Fashion to another level.

- Home is the skin we live in -
‘An almost microscopically small brown spot, just above the knuckle of the middle finger of my left hand. It is an accumulation of pigments, or better known as a birthmark. Often caused by sunlight, or maybe I was just born with it. As a stamp on my body it distinguishes me and makes me unique.’
Fashion is a continuously moving phenomenon in which we all try to be unique. But are we not by birth? The skin is the furthest layer of the body, pure and naked. Just like a house, it protects and offers shelter to withdraw. But at the same time you can identify and express yourself through your skin. Perfection or irregularities, the poses and movements are what make you unique and special.
In ‘Fashion: home is the skin we live in’ unique features of the human body are being translated into fashion and design. 10 Dutch creative’s show individually that we should accentuate the body in this very uniqueness.

Dream away under the Mosquito Wig made of hair or confront yourself with the Knitted Skin collection of Stella Teunissen. The D.I.Y. Health encyclopaedia by Anne Marie Geurink gives insights into self-recovery methods and Tony Marcus Sacharias shows that an imperfect human can be even more beautiful. This and much more work of designers and photographers can be seen in this exhibition. 

Because, can we call the skin an antonym of fashion or is it just an extension of it?
Let yourself be inspired by ‘Fashion: Home is the skin we live in’.
Daniëlle Kempen

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